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EP22 - DEF CON 864: Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Capture the Flag

A conversation with Luke Kapustka

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Luke Kapustka with DEF CON 864 (DC864). During the episode Barry and Luke talk about his work as one of the community leads for DC864, the origins and growth of the group, his experience in the security industry as a penetration tester and social engineer. We’ll learn about popular tools like Burp Suite, hear stories from work in the field and how to start your career. We’ll also hear about the experience of running a Capture the Flag event for programmers during the 2023 Carolina Code Conference. Check it out!

“A hacker is not someone who's always malicious. They essentially repurpose something that was used for something else for their own means and their own needs. We look at a problem, we look at a system and find another way of interacting with it to do something that was unrelated to what it was designed to do, to somehow circumvent something. ”
- Luke Kapustka

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Penetration Testing: Web Apps and Burp Suite (1:54)

  • Social Engineering to Access Building and Information (10:25)

  • Email Phishing: Simulating Attacks and Training Response (19:02)

  • Luke Net Diaries: Getting Past Security (27:37)

  • DC864 Meetup Group (32:35)

  • The Village People: Red Team, Blue Team, Lock Pick and Career (43:16)

  • Red Teams and Blue Teams (51:13)

  • Breaking into InfoSec (1:00:12)

  • Capture the Flag (1:04:26)


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