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EP25 - Simply Structured: Managing Life, Health, Habits, Startups, Community and Lots of Code

A conversation with Pete Broderick

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chat with Pete Broderick, Co-Owner of Simply Binary and Co-Founder of Slipstream. During the episode Barry and Pete talk about moving from Virginia to Greenville, good habits, health, fitness and discipline to manage work and family life, the meetup experience in the area and Simply Binary’s commitment over the hears to help facilitate it, the experience of building startups and using the right tool for the job when programming. You’re going to want to get a gym membership, a better organized calendar and learn a new programming language when this one is all said and done!

“I like the philosophy of betting the barn, not the farm. Take medium sized bets frequently but never put all your chips on the table.”
- Pete Broderick

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Origin Story - Chantilly, VA to Greenville, SC (1:15)

  • Systems and Routines for Balancing Life (10:06)

  • Fitness Challenges, Journaling and Good Habits (14:20)

  • How to Slowly Build Discipline, Sleep and Caffeine (20:27)

  • HG Nights, Upstate Ruby and Upstate Elixir Meetups (33:02)

  • Building Startups: CaptureLife, Slipstream (38:09)

  • The Right Tool for the Job: Ruby, Python, Go, Node and Elixir (45:22)


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