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EP26 - Forrest of Knowledge: Growing a Culture of Mentorship in Tech

A conversation with Gavin Coyle

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones sits down with Gavin Coyle, Head of Growth at Enok Collective, to discuss his diverse career journey from biology to technology. Gavin talks about his role as a product manager and agile coach, and the mentorship culture he's developing through Mentorship in Tech, formerly EngineerKit. He shares insights into the challenges of breaking into tech, the importance of effective mentorship, and the integration of coaching techniques to foster growth. The conversation also explores parallels between biological ecosystems and organizational dynamics, and Gavin's involvement with the Agile Learning Institute. Get inspired to mentor!

“So the analogy in my head, because of my, med school background…a good doctor doesn't want to see you again…because you're healthy. So in the same way, we don't want to see our clients again, not in a bad way, but just to make sure that they're independent and they can take care of their own teams and the product and the process.”
- Gavin Coyle

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • 01:11 - Gavin's Journey into Tech

  • 04:37 - The Three Legs of Enok Collective

  • 10:47 - The Importance of Mentorship

  • 15:30 - Gavin's Career Pivot from Biology to Tech

  • 25:06 - Mentorship Challenges and Solutions

  • 30:16 - The Role of Coaching in Mentorship

  • 38:59 - The Importance of Humility and Growth Mindset

  • 43:03 - Creating a Supportive Mentorship Environment

  • 45:37 - Parallels Between Biology and Organizational Mentorship

  • 52:53 - Engineering Guild and Programming Languages

  • 56:13 - Involvement with the Agile Learning Institute


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