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EP26 - Teamwork: Charlotte Dev Community, IaC with Nitric, Flutter, NodeJS, Dart, Movies and College Sports

A conversation with Ryan Edge

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Ryan Edge, Software Development Lead with Uptech Studio. Get to know Ryan ahead of his 2024 Carolina Code Conference keynote as he recounts his journey, Uptech's support for startups with advancements in cross-platform development using Flutter and backend solutions with NodeJS. He shares his involvement with the Flutter community in Charlotte and his current project, Fan Inc, an app aiding college athletes in managing their NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) earnings. The discussion transitions to the broader dynamics of college sports, focusing on NIL deals, the equitable distribution of athlete earnings, and the balance between sports and education within institutions like Clemson. Personal anecdotes and team dynamics underscore the need to uphold the integrity of team sports while adapting to the evolving NIL landscape.

“People always ask me, are you scared that Flutter's not gonna be popular five, ten years from now? And my response is always, well if Flutter loses, and we're not using Flutter ten years from now. That means that what we are using is so much better than what Flutter was and will improve our lives so much better. ” - Ryan Edge

Episode Notes

  • Tech Talk: Flutter and Node.js at Uptech Studio (02:36)

  • Diving Deep into Flutter (03:52)

  • Community Involvement and Google Developer Expert (06:18)

  • Exploring Infrastructure as Code with Nitric (07:49)

  • Personal Insights: Family and Film Festivals (17:56)

  • Movie Buffs: Horror, Sci-Fi, and Nostalgia (19:21)

  • Moving Around: A Childhood of Change (34:44)

  • Life in Charlotte and Early Career (38:36)

  • Lockheed Martin: A Unique Experience (40:02)

  • Exploring Modern Cloud Providers (44:43)

  • The NIL Space: Empowering College Athletes (57:06)

  • The Impact of NIL on College Sports (01:00:23)


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