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EP 03 - The Happiest Code on Earth

A conversation with Sean Reid

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Sean Reid, Lead Instructor at the Carolina Code School. During the episode, Barry and Sean talk about Carolina Code School, Designers and Developers speaking different language, scented candles, theme parks, UGA, Neurelo, really old school web development, cheerleading and spelling. Writing a summary for this one isn’t even possible.

“The programmer’s biggest enemy is…spelling.”
- Sean Reid

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • Just started with Carolina Code School (0:51)

  • Design Language vs Developer Language (3:05)

  • Theme Park Pulse and…scented candles? (7:47)

  • Mouse Dining app for Disney Food Reservations (14:08)

  • Ellen’s Energy Adventure of the Galaxy (17:57)

  • Disney World and NASCAR (21:36)

  • If you drive through Athens with your window down… (24:43)

  • Oh yea…code stuff. Btw, Neurelo is awesome (29:54)

  • The most absurd conference website ever created (33:10)

  • jQuery, old school web dev and soccer moms (36:23)

  • Space Jam’s 1996 website is still online (41:55)

  • When middle school IT and coaching cheerleading collide (48:27)

  • Boomkarks! (52:35)

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