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EP10 - Next.js, Developer Psychology and "No Code" APIs with MuleSoft

A conversation with Jake Hennett

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Jake Hennett, Software Engineer with Lima One Capital. During this episode, Barry and Jake talk about all sorts of things from “No Code” solutions with MuleSoft, Create React apps, the value in learning unpopular things, software in the finance world, balancing work, family and education, focus and motivation for developers, as well as the complexities involve with making good technology decisions where everybody buys in. Check it out!

“Nope, we tried though. This is the one we want. Everybody worked together to come to the decision. It works better for team integration. It works better for morale.”
- Jake Hennett

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • MuleSoft for “No Code” APIs, Create React (1:12)

  • Learn unpopular things…BPM, COBOL (9:05)

  • Fun with Finance (17:38)

  • Finishing that Masters Degree: Theory and Practice (21:42)

  • Next.js and Psychological Buy In on Technology Decisions (28:59)

  • Holiday Plans, Family Dynamics at Work (37:38)

  • Late Nights and Learning Hungry (43:55)

  • Focus, Context Switching and the Art of Motivation (48:47)

  • Assembler and efficiency constraints (59:04)


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