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EP13 - Addicted to Startups: AI Chatbots, MVPs, Greenville Meetups and...Fargo?

A conversation with Hunter Hodnett

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Hunter Hodnett, CTO and Co-founder at Chipp.AI. During the episode, Barry and Hunter talk about his journey from San Francisco to consulting with startups in Austin’s snowpocalypse, starting a meetup and getting involved Greenville as well as co-founding an AI company based out of Fargo, North Dakota. There’s even a brief visit to New York along the way!

“I love being surrounded by people with that zero to one mindset. There’s so much bravery that comes with taking a big leap into the unknown and making it up as you go.”
- Hunter Hodnett

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • Chipp.AI’s origin and pivot (1:07)

  • Vectors and Chatbots (5:07)

  • San Franscisco to Austin to Greenville (8:37)

  • Fractional CTO consulting with startup MVPs in Austin (21:33)

  • Starting a Meetup in Greenville (27:23)

  • NEXT Upstate & Networking by Helping Out (37:15)

  • Fargo…not the movie (47:46)


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