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EP16 - Taco Travel: Taking a Camper Around the USA, While Working Remote in Software

A conversation with Don Sullivan

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Don Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer at Simply Binary. During the episode, Barry and Don talk about traveling around the USA with a travel trailer while working remote as a software engineer, trying tacos in every state, family fun with uranium mines, a unique self-taught path into a programming career, getting into apologetics and some diversified investment advice. WARNING! Listening while hungry may be risky.

“There’s an ethos about the food truck that says, this is what I would make sitting at my house, as a person who lives here. If I didn’t run a business, this is the way I would make tacos for my family.” - Don Sullivan

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Less Travelled Roads to Programming (0:59)

  • Five Majors at Clemson in 2 Years…maximizing school rules (5:17)

  • Surviving The Beacon after 20 years in Washington state (11:49)

  • Travelling Around the US in a Trailer, Sampling Tacos & Food Trucks (16:18)

  • Uranium Mining: Fun for the Whole Family (28:50)

  • Starlink, Working Remote and Camper Stories (43:10)

  • Discovering Apologetics (55:31)

  • Investing, Coin Collecting and Precious Metals (1:00:16)


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