EP20 - Conference Life: Devnexus, Java, VueJS Kayaks and Pottery

A conversation with Vincent Mayers

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Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Vincent Mayers, JUG Leader, Java Champion and Conference Organizer. During the episode Barry and Vincent talk about the upcoming Devnexus Java Conference in Atlanta on April 9th-11th, the journey from Boy Scouts, pottery and professional kayaking in London to tech recruiting in Atlanta turning into a multicity tech conference venture including VueJS and Connect.Tech. We’ll also hear about the Atlanta Java Users Group, getting involved with your local community, open source projects and what it takes to be successful! Check it out!

“You have to have intentional consistency to be successful at anything in life and especially in these community endeavors.” - Vincent Mayers

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Devnexus: Java Ecosystem Conference in Atlanta (1:26)

  • Tech Recruiting from London to Atlanta (9:06)

  • Coming to Tech Conferences from…Pottery? (13:59)

  • Vueconf US, Connect.Tech, Data Science and Blockchain Conferences (19:22)

  • Boy Scouts to Professional Kayaking (26:15)

  • Microprofile and Eclipse Foundation (30:55)

  • Atlanta Java Users Group (34:09)

  • What’s happening at Devnexus 2024? (38:24)

  • Intentional Consistency (48:53)


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