EP21 - That Flywheel Energy! Coworking, Startups, Bootcamps and Community

A conversation with Olivia Evans

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Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Olivia Evans, Community Manager at Flywheel. During the episode Barry and Olivia talk about her career path from Anderson to San Antonio to Winston Salem and finally coming back to Greenville. We discuss Flywheel Coworking, history, its foundation, events like Tech Slam’n Eggs, the Flywheel Cafe and open houses. We will also get an update on on construction of the brand new facility that will host the 2024 Carolina Code Conference! Big things coming!

“That's us partnering with cities to help them develop their, entrepreneurial, organization, coworking space, right? That center, that hub where people can come and gather and work together and help start companies together.” - Olivia Evans

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s episode include:

  • Introducing yourself at the Carolina Code Conference (1:00)

  • Career path through the Anderson Chamber of Commerce (4:19)

  • Economic Development and Cybersecurity in San Antonio (7:51)

  • Running Home to Flywheel (12:01)

  • Winston Salem, Flywheel Foundation and eCommerce Bootcamps (20:09)

  • A Brand New Historic Building: Repurposing the Pepsi Plant (27:07)

  • Construction Progress Update, Sneak Peak Visits (32:42)

  • Flywheel Events: Tech Slam’n Eggs, Flywheel Cafe (35:36)

  • History of Flywheel Coworking (38:35)

  • Coming back to Greenville (44:38)


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