EP08 - Community Coding, Moving from Memphis, R and Advent of Code

A conversation with Eric Burden

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Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Eric Burden, IT Senior Principal Consultant with NTT Data Services. During the episode, Barry and Eric talk about moving from Memphis to Pickens, plugging into the local tech community in the upstate with Hack Greenville, the Code Connector community in Memphis, teaching with a heart for service, getting into R for data analysis, learning new languages like Kotlin during Advent of Code and learn about falling in love with iterators at the Carolina Code Conference.

“There is technology out there for everyone to do the thing that you love to do with technology and to make a career of it that you can enjoy.”
- Eric Burden

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • Memphis, TN to beautiful Pickens, SC (0:24)

  • Memphis Code Connector (8:47)

  • Coding Dojo: Preparing for Whiteboard Interviews (11:30)

  • Career Journey: Chemistry to Social Work to Programming (14:57)

  • Diving into R for data analysis…plus Excel, Python, Julia and SQL (27:22)

  • Learning languages during Advent of Code (39:48)

  • Picking up Kotlin (44:22)

  • Falling in Love with Iterators: Slides with R (53:30)


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