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EP14 - Building Carolina: Education to MVP

A conversation with Lelia King

Episode Summary

This week on the Carolina Code Cast, host Barry Jones chats with Lelia King, Executive Director of Build Carolina. During the episode, Barry and Lelia talk about Build Carolina, its multiple programs such as the Carolina Code School, the Develop Carolina Apprenticeship Program, SC Codes, her journey to getting here, history with The Iron Yard and what’s involved with supporting the tech community. Check it out!

“When you really break it down, this is just another puzzle that we're trying to solve.”
- Lelia King

Episode Notes

Highlights from this week’s conversation include:

  • The Iron Yard to Carolina Code School (01:51)

  • Student Stories, Career Changes and Cohorts (08:24)

  • The Develop Carolina Apprenticeship Program (15:16)

  • MVP Studio (23:19)

  • Supporting the Tech Community (32:18)

  • Raising your hand to help (40:24)

  • State of the Tech Talent Ecosystem (51:24)


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Carolina Code Cast™
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